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The Art of Coffee

The art of crafting great coffee starts in the ground.

For more than 40 years, Java Rick's has been proudly offering the best coffee in the world. From the mountains of Southern Columbia to the Kona Coast, from the highlands of Papa New Guinea to the foothills of Mt. Kenya, our expert Green Coffee Buyer travels the globe throughout the year to purchase the very best coffee crops from family farms and private estates.

How do roast degree and origin affect the flavor?

The flavor of each coffee is dependent upon the origin characteristics and the roast degree of each coffee. This combination is used to determing the flavor category of each coffee: 'Light & Subtle', 'Rich & Smooth' and 'Dark & Distinctive'.

While the origin characteristics influence the look, taste and smell of the coffee, the roast degree also influences the final product. As coffee is roasted darker, its origin characteristics become muted. As the roast is progressing, the heat accelerates, intensifying the flavor by creating caramelization in the bean, which adds a new dimension to the flavor and aroma, not present during the early stages of the roast. While light and medium roasted coffees are more moderate in flavor, and maintain much of the origin characteristics, a medium dark to dark roast coffee is very intense and loses much of the origin characteristics during the roasting process.

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