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Light & Subtle Coffees

Our popular lighter coffees are characterized by their mild and delicate flavor and are complimented by a light or medium roast. Both are mellow and satisfying. These coffees are sure to please every palate.

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is grown at the Mavis Bank Estate - one of four certified coffee producers of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Established in 1885, this estate utilizes only spring water to sort the green beans, which are then 'put to sleep' for 3-4 months at 3000 feet where the coffee begins to develop, becoming greenish blue color. Spicy aroma and light body with balanced flavor.

Our authentic Kona coffee is grown at an altitude of 1800 to 2000 feet in rich volcanic soil along Hawaii's famed 'Kona Coast.' Each lot of Kona coffee must be graded and registered by the State of Hawaii. We guarantee that our Kona coffee is 100% pure Kona coffee. Smooth-bodied with a nutty aroma and sweet finish.

Our Brazilian coffee is 'Specialty Grade' natural (dry processed) coffee from the Cerrado region of Brazil, the world's largest coffee producing country. Soft-bodied with earthy flavor and subtle walnut notes.

Our House Blend is a combination of natural and washed Central and South Amaerican coffees. This longtime customer favorite combines brightness and softness for a flavor and aroma that everyone can enjoy. Light-bodied with a subtle fruity aroma and buttery finish.

Our Java coffee comes from the Jampit and Blawan Estates and is grown at altitudes from 3000 to 6000 feet. Syrupy body with caramel notes and a mellow finish.

This exclusive organic blend is comprised of South American Andean and Mexican coffees, which are certified organic at the source by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA). Light-bodied with a subtle nutty aroma and balanced flavor.


Rich & Smooth | Dark & Distinctive

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