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We're Proud of our High Quality

Once the green coffee reaches our shores, it goes through several quality checks before it is roasted. In our testing lab, we roast small batches of each new shipment to ensure that the quality meets our stringent standards. We then taste each coffee using precise guidelines to coompare the coffee to the original samples produced at the growing site. When tasting each batch we analyze the fragrence, aroma, flavor, acidity, body and finish to ensure that the ritual of coffee drinking is not compromised.

After passing our quality check, the green coffee beans are roasted fresh daily by our Master Roaster, who has spent the past ten years perfecting the art of coffee roasting. The coffee is meticulously monitored to ensure the most flavorful coffee, bringing out the intricate flavors during the roasting process. Once the optimal flavor is reached, the coffee is then packaged using state-of-the-art equipment. Because coffee is highly susceptible to oxidation and degradation when exposed to air and moisture, our coffee is sealed in nitrogen-flushed, one-way valved bags in order to maintain freshness until the bag is opened.


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