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Light & Subtle
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Dark & Distinctive Coffees

Our meduim-dark to dark roast coffees are full-flavored with a bold taste and rich aroma. Aromatically complex, each coffee has a distinctive flavor that is well balanced.

Our Anniversary Blend captures and celebrates our heritage by incorporating beans from nearly all our premiere origins around the globe. The result is an unmatched symphony of flavors. Bittersweet flavor with a hint of spice and a smooth velvety finish.

Our popular Colombia Narino coffee is roasted a bit darker to mellow the brightness and add a touch of sweet smokiness to the aroma and flavor. Creamy and smooth-bodied with a smoky aroma and well-balanced flavor.

Our Espresso Roast Blend is a very special combination of four select origin coffees individually roasted to perfection and combined after roasting to create the perfect base for our espresso based drinks. Subtle enough to be enfoyed as a straight shot, yet assertive enough for a latte, this signature blend is a delicious cornerstone of our business. Velvety-body, caramel-like aroma with earthy flavor and bittersweet finish.

A delightful Costa Rican coffee, our French Roast is crafted in the tradition of the famous European style. Deep roasted with a dark chocolaty finish.

Our distinctive Sumatra Mandheling coffee is taken further into the roasting spectrum by trasforming the maltiness of the Sumatra into caramel, which adds more intensity to the aroma. Smooth-bodied with smoky aroma and sweet earthy flavor.

A peaberry occurs when the coffee cherry one smaller single bean, rather than two, resulting in coffeethat is more intense and concentrated in flavor. Our peabody coffee is grown in Tanzania, a country in East africa. The main coffee growing region is the fertile Southern Highlands with rich volcanic soil. This, along with and iseal growing climate and elevation, results in a coffee that is unsurpassed in quality. Medium-bodied with a bright flavor, hints of black currante and chocolaty finish.

Our Viennese Blend brings select coffees together at the medium-dark roast level for suprising balance and depth. Medium-bodied and rich aroma with full flavor and nuances of chocolate.


Light & Subtle | Rich & Smooth

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