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Light & Subtle
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Rich & Smooth Coffees

These smooth-bodied, deeply aromatic coffees are characterized by their well-balanced flavor and full, fragrant aroma. Each distinctive blend is roasted to perfection to add richness to every cup.

Cultivated in the state of Narino, the premier growing region of Columbia, this coffee is hand-picked by workers at privately owned family farms who take great pride in their production, preparation and grading of each coffee. Full, creamy body with well-balalnced flavor and full, rich aroma.

Costa Rica la Cascada Tarrazu is Rick's Premium Coffees exlusive, only available at our stores. It is comprised of coffee from quality, high altitude family farms in the Tarrazu region to create a taste that is unique and satisfying. Medium-bodied with a fragrant aroma and bright crisp flavor.

Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu is one of the premier coffees of the world. It is grown between 4000 and 6000 feet, on the Hacienda La Minita coffee plantation. The name, La Minita, means 'small gold mine' and can be traced to a locallegend that tell of Indians searching for gold in the plantation soils. The growing cycle of the coffee begins with the first rains of the year, signaling the trees to begin flowering. The flowering is critical to the growing process, as the node where each flower is formed will produce a single coffee cherry. Smooth & full-bodied with an elegant, complex flavor and clean finish.

Our Ethiopian coffee is grown on a farm near the town of Yirgchaffe in the Sidamo region on South Eastern Ethiopia, not far from the kenya and Somolia borders. Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee as it is where the first coffee trees were discovered over one thousand years ago. Floral aroma, smooth-bodied and sweet bright flavor with lemon notes.

Our Guatemalan coffee comes from the famous moutain growing region of Antigua, in the sixth largest coffee producing coffee in the world. Bright bouquet with lively acidity and sparkling finish.

Grown at the most optimal elevations on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, our exquisite Kenya coffee is unsurpassed in quality. Tangy aroma with hearty body, gutsy wine-like acidity and citrus flavor.

Our custom blend combined Ethiopian Yirgcheffe and Java Estate Coffees. It's our interpretation of the worlds oldest original coffee blend, laon favored by coffee aficionados. Floral aroma and full-bodied with bright flavor and hint of citrus.

Panama Colibri Estate coffee is maed after a small humingbird indigenous to panama. Our coffee is grown at la Torcaza Estate on the northwestern side of the Baru valcano. Colibri coffee is sweet with honeyed floralnotes combined with a bursting citrus-like finish prized by coffee aficionados. Sweet aroma with a bold earthy flavor and citrus-like finish.

Our papua New gunea coffee comes from the renowned Sigri Estate and is graded "plantation Grade A', the highest quality available. Full, rich body with hints of spice and a clean refreshing finish.

Our Sumatra coffee is cultivated from Mandheling, the finest growing region in Sumatra in the Indonesian archipelago. The ideal growing altitude of 2500 to 5000 feet produces on of the world's finest gourmet coffees. Deep aroma with a thick body and sweet malty flavor.

We trekked halfway around the globe to the first country to cultivate coffee. Crisp winey acidity with hints of fruit and spice, coupled with full syrupy body and a nutty aromatic cup, makes this one of the most distinctive coffees in the world. Yemeni coffees are grown by local farmers who produce on ly a few bags each season. Take a moment to savor this unexpected treasure. Full, syrupy body with a nutty aroma, complex taste and hints of fruity spice.


Light & Subtle | Dark & Distinctive

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